by daniel, 15 May 2013

The last few months have been exciting times in the Sifteo community. We launched the Indie Game Pack, went to GDC, had an amazing gamedev competition with $50,000+ in prizes, and we supported a game jam at NYU/POLY. Read more →

by jaredw, 06 May 2013

Now is an incredibly interesting time for engineering as the internet has made it easier to share, learn and collaborate with other tinkerers. You no longer have to go to get a degree before you make something cool. People are making cool things, on their own, everyday. By sharing, you provide a small spark that someone else needed to get working on a project. In turn, that spark will kick off other creative sparks, like a massive chain reaction that will continue to spawn ingenuity and creativity all over the world. Read more →

by jared, 02 May 2013

At Sifteo, we manage a lot of packages that are produced from our code. Everything from Sifteo Sync, the Sifteo SDK, and the many game binaries that run on Sifteo Cubes. Furthermore, when any of those are updated, we want to make sure the updates make their way quickly to the PCs and cubes players play on. Read more →

by liam, 27 Mar 2013

Version 1.0.0 of the Sifteo SDK is now available, with improvements to the development and debug experience along with a handful of small fixes and upgrades. Download it now at! Read more →

by daniel, 06 Feb 2013

Join us as the Sifteo offices Feb 22-24 for our February game jam. Our theme for this jam will be Sifteo Cube games with variable difficulty. Creating games that can manage variable difficulty is no small feat, and creating them in 48 hours should be a fun challenge. Read more →